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The Chairman's Speech

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New Year Speech from Wu Guodi the chairman of the board of CIEG 

As years passed, and times flies, year 2014 has become the past with New Year’s bell, and we are approaching on the way of year 2015. I am very pleased on behalf of China International Energy Group (CIEG) Board to express heartfelt thanks to all leaders, new and old partners, clients, and specialists. Moreover, I am on behalf of party committee of CIEG to express sincerely greeting and best wishes to our joint venture company’s employees and front-line workers. 

Year 2014 is an unforgettable year again. CIEG has been faced external adverse situation. Weak Global economy, Chinese economy moving slowly, exacerbated problem of manufacturing overcapacity, sagging market, under these complicated situations, CIEG employees all were working together to fully implement the spirits of the eighteenth national congress of communist party, the third and forth plenary session of eighteenth central committee, to vigorously pursue adjusting the structure of energy industry, to improve the domestic and international competitiveness, to insist on innovation and traditional energy reforming, actively researching, promotion of new energy, to develop the diversified industries with new industry combined, to improve the profitability of CIEG. CIEG has completely finished all tasks with highly awareness of risk, taking importance on Service, and core value of “diversity of equities as well as professionalization of shareholders”. CIEG has been listed 70th of “global energy top 500”, and appeared a good momentum of development. Until end of year 2014, under the hard working of all twenty-one thousands employees and three hundred fifty top manager teams, CIEG’s total assets(includes joint ventures and holding company) reach to 207 billion RMB, total of net profit and tax to government(includes joint ventures and holding company) reach to 15 billion RMB.  
Year 2014, CIEG is keeping invest in new energy field, and result in good performance on methanol gasoline and “eco-city”.  

CIEG has achieved the growth trend for three years in the methanol gasoline field, and build up gas station more than 100. Expecting to year 2015, skid-mounted methanol gas station will build up to 300, and production will reach to 5 million tons. Expecting to year 2020, methanol gas station will build up to 2000, production reach to 20 million tons, sale reach to 100 billion Yuan RMB, and total of net profit and tax to government will be 10 billion Yuan RMB.  
Under the support of government, CIEG has cooperated with international and domestic famous real-estate company to work on planning and construction of eco-city program in Beijin Yanjiao District, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and so on. Expecting to year 2020, domestic investment amounts of eco-city will reach to 200 billion Yuan RMB. 

Year 2014, CIEG not only has been kept invest in new energy fields consecutively, but work on reform and innovation of energy structure, and invest in diversified industries.  

CIEG and Chengxin Green Integration are working together, to practice on “green and low carbon integration”. Chengxin Green Integration is the domestic first corporation to work with international well-known institution and low carbon specialist, also is the pioneer and practitioner of green low carbon and environmental conservation. In the future, CIEG and Chengxin Green Integration are working together to promote the concept of energy conservation and protection, research on renewable energy, push forward on green, low carbon technology using, provide the solution on energy conservation and protection for vast range of clients.  

CIEG and cooperative partner set up the “Huadong Energy Trading Center”, which can provide members with full services and managements, tax deduction policies, through our trading center’s information platform, exhibition platform, service platform, dealing platform. Until end of year 2014, “Huadong Energy Trading Center” builds the business cooperation with SINOPEC Group, Shanghai Huayi Group, China Railway Group, China Minmetals Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, and China Shenma Group. The “Huadong Energy Trading Center” has reached the 20 billion Yuan RMB of total of business transaction in year 2014, and 2015 year will reach to 70 billion Yuan RMB. 

Year 2014, CIEG protect the interests of shareholders and clients, also steady invest in new industry for the improvement of sustainable development of CIEG group. 

Internet Financial is the new business sector of CIEG. Xinyu group as our new project shareholder has corporate with HP group on building of cloud calculation, data base center, and financial transactions on internet by setting up e-commerce, IT service system, and data center, with those full service providing to Internet firms. CIEG has taken this corporation as a good opportunity, to make comprehensive service platform for E-commerce, and build the new chain of e-commerce industry, with the leading of innovation in e-commerce industry. Currently, we provide our IT system solution for China Mail Bank, China Agriculture Development Bank, Hebei Rural Credit Cooperative, and some large bank. 

CIEG step forward in year 2015 with tasks. Year 2015 is staring year of promotion of rule by law, the important year of deepen reform, and closing year of “12th of five years”, which bring the great opportunities for CIEG development. I certainly sure about that the value of CIEG will continue to improve, as the deepen of market reform, advancing the enterprise reforms, as long as CIEG maintains the mission of “service”, control the risk, strength confidence, constantly learning.  

Year 2015, I am expecting to walk with partners together, continue to provide good service for client, develop more new strategy partners, actively create new business model, and insist on the road of corporation and win-win. CIEG has always regarded “low risk, high earning” as core value, which can bring to our client with best gain and maximize the value. 

At this full of hope year 2015, I and CIEG all staff are knitted together, to start with new tasks, to write new chapter for CIEG. 

Finally, on behalf of the board of directors and all staff of CIEG, I would like to wish the co-partners, clients and friends all happiness, peace and health in the New Year of Sheep. 

China International Energy Group 

Chairman of the Board office 
Secretary of CPC committee  
Wu Guo Di  
Sheep Lunar New Year