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Marine Fuel Oil Business

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Marine Fuel Oil Business

The fuel oil yield in China is low on the whole and far from the demand, which provide a tremendous market for marine blended fuel oil.

The Group has invested in the marine fuel oil field with main businesses as follows:
Light fuel oil for small and medium ships, including 0# diesel, 1# ship fuel oil and 4# ship fuel oil.
Heavy fuel oil for large domestic trade ship, including 4# and 180#;
Heavy fuel oil for bonded ocean ship of foreign trade, mainly 180CST and 380 CST.
The Group has become a shareholder of a domestic-leading marine fuel supplier; in 2011, over 200,000t marine fuel was processed and sold; it’s expected that the number will rise to 300,000t in 2012. The Company mainly focuses on 1# and 4# fuel oil for small and medium ships. In addition, the Company has 5 fuel oil warehouses and blending bases and 20 coastal and waterside filling stations in Liaoning, Zhejiang and Jiangsu; each filling station has been equipped with independent oil depots and wharfs.

Presently, the Group has listed the marine fuel oil business into key businesses and is planning to make comprehensive layout on main domestic waterways in the next 3 years; moreover, the Group is going to build 50 marine oil refilling stations integrating fuel sales, ship service, freight forwarding service and financial value-added service, 20 oil refilling stations for large and medium domestic trade ships. By the end of 2015, a total capacity of 1 million m3 will be reached and 4 million tons of marine fuel oil will be sold each year.