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Oil Shale Projects

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Oil Shale Projects

Oil shale, also called kerogen shale, is a solid combustible organic sedimentary rock with high mineral content.

If the oil shale is subject to pyrolysis (low temperature carbonization), "shale oil" similar to crude oil and "coal gas" similar to natural gas can be obtained.

As a mineral resource, the oil shale in China is very abundant in reserves, but has hardly been utilized. Based on a general survey, the nationwide oil shale reserves is 719.9 billion tons, which can be converted into approximately 47.6 billion tons of shale oil; moreover, its prospective reserves reaches 2000 billion tons (equivalent to 80 billion tons of shale oil), ranking the fourth, only after U.S., Brazil and Russia.

With the rising crude oil price and breakthrough-making shale oil refining technology, the large-scale development of oil shale will be China to realize energy self-sufficiency in the future.

The Group and the joint ventures have commenced the exploitation of oil shale and the refining of shale oil in IRATI Basin, Brazil. Currently, they have built a skilled team which has over 25-year experience in the shale oil refining and project development. The state-of-the-art vertical furnace optimization process is adopted, achieving a recovery rate of 90% and maintaining over 340 operation days each year. It is planned to complete, by 2015, a shale oil project with an annual output of 1 million tons by.