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Real Estate Projects

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Real Estate Projects

The real estate projects of group mainly include "eco-city" and commercial real estate.

Themed by maintaining the regional ecosystem balance and biological diversity, the eco-city refers to a new community which demonstrates the tenet of humanism, the industrial ecologization and ecological industrialization, as well as the highly coordinated development of society, economy and environmental system.

Strategic cooperation projects “Eco-City " is managed jointly by CIEG and the well-known real estate companies.As the end of 2013, CIEG Group and its partner in Beijing, Yanjiao, Shanghai, Guangdong, and more are being planned construction of “eco-city”, mainly around the “energy”, "green" to build, emphasizing the application and promotion of new energy technologies. "Eco-City" is not just a collection of advanced environmental technology, modern green buildings, it is important to the future path strengthen environmental protection, conservation of resources and energy. CIEG group saw the future prospects from eco-city layout planning, and CIEG group will continue to increase investment on "eco- city" project, to make efforts on resource -saving and environment -friendly society.

The Group’s projects of commercial real estate include: the joint venture and development of main commercial center as the big shopping mall; investment and development of office buildings, apartments, residential. the Group and China’s Famous company of commercial real estate jointly invest shopping mall projects in Shanghai , and the city commercial complex is invested in Wenzhou.