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Secretary of the Jilin provincial Party committee of the CPC Bayin Chaolu met with Chairman Wu Guodi

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On 16th of June 2017, Secretary of the Jilin provincial Party committee of the CPC Bayin Chaolu met with Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of China International Group and Chairman of World China General Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Wu Guodi in Changchun.
Chairman Wu said, Jilin province has the unique green ecological resources and it has become a biggest treasure of Jilin. In recent years, Jilin province is building an unseasonal and sustainable eco industry chain. People are accepting more concepts of green development. I think Jilin has a bright future of developing green economy. Chairman Wu introduced CIEG’s the latest accomplishments in energy, especially in new energy field. CIEG’s joint venture company provides liquefied natural gas in Zhejiang and Shanghai coastal region for terminal users, the daily demand is above 300,000 cubic meters. We have the absolute strength in technology and operational experiences compared with other competitors. The purpose of LNG project is to reduce air pollution, improve living environment, and replace fuel energy by cleaner energy to decrease the urban pollution. Our methanol gasoline product is really energy-saving and low-carbon, which only have 50% of emission and 30% lower price compared with traditional gas; it can adjust the conventional energy structure and promote the development of circular economy.  CIEG hopes to strengthen the comprehensive cooperation with Jilin province, and help provincial government to promote the process of coal-to-gas. We would be honored to make our contribution on achieving green economy for Jilin province.
Secretary Bayin Chaolu said, “the key to the revitalize the northeast and develop Jilin lies in the formation of a strong industrial base and a good atmosphere of creativity. Industry is the foundation, innovation is the driving force. The forms of innovation and entrepreneurship in Jilin are becoming more and more diversified. Therefore, we should make full efforts to implement the strategy of innovation driven and accelerate the formation of an innovative economic system. In particular, we should do two main tasks, namely, think out of the box and create new business growth model. In this way, we can transform and upgrade the traditional industries, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, and make the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure come true. China's energy reform is inevitable, and the development of new energy has been encouraged by the government. Increasing the proportion of new energy sources in China's energy structure is very important. I hope CIEG can continue its advantages in new energy field and invest energy project in Jilin and contribute its strength for the development of Jilin’s new energy industry.