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Secretary of the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee Lin Duo and Deputy Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Committee and Governor Tang Renjian met Chairman Wu Guodi

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On 2017 2nd of July, Secretary of the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee Lin Duo and Deputy Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Committee and Governor Tang Renjian met with Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of China International Group and Chairman of World China General Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Wu Guodi in Lanzhou.
Secretary Lin on behalf of the provincial Party committee and provincial government expressed sincere welcome to Chairman Wu to visit Lanzhou. He said, in recent years Gansu province is facing the opportunities of eastern industry shifting, policy superposition and economic restricting and upgradation, the late-developing advantage of Gansu increases day by day. After the State Council made the announcement of The Opinions on Further Supporting the Economic and Social Development of Gansu, the fifth national New Area — Lanzhou New Area got approved , the State Council approved Gansu province to establish the New Area to inherit Chinese civilization. Gansu is playing the role as strategic platform on the national level, and it shall significantly promote the inheritance and innovation of our culture and as well as the development of the economy, society and culture. We need capable enterprises like CIEG to invest in Gansu and help to achieve a better development of real economy.
Chairman Wu said, in the past 7 years, the joint venture companies of CIEG had over 15 billion RMB investment on solar power generation and hydraulic power generation accumulatively. We have strong believes in the prosperity of the investing environment and the development prospects. Especially after you became the Secretary of the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee, the market potential of Gansu province got fully exploited, we have strong faith and determination to bring the best technology to Gansu and promote the economic development of Gansu. In 2016, CIEG started the collaboration with CAS Holdings and has been planning to build technology city project all over the country. The technology project combines the advanced technology of CAS Holdings and the excellent resources of GIEG, following the five in one overall layout. The purpose of establishing this project is to preserve ecological environment, cultivate high-tech enterprise leading market structure and absorb outstanding enterprises for the government. With the spread of air pollution, the technology city is playing a more and more significant role in curb environmental pollution. CIEG is planning to build technology city in the surrounding area of Zhejiang province. We are planning to carry out the project in Lanzhou as well; the predicted investment is approximately 11 billion RMB. Our purpose is to help start-up company, SMEs and listed company to accomplish rapid development and to exert the headquarters base effect. Besides the economic consideration, we can also reduce the presence of toxic particles via the use of advanced technology and make our contribution of creating an eco-friendly city life. Moreover, we would love to develop all-round collaboration with the provincial government by bring our top technology and professional management team to Gansu and invest more fine investment.
Governor Tang said China International Energy Group had invested many new energy projects in Gansu; our local companies have solid cooperative accumulations with your company. We welcome CIEG to invest in Gansu and hope to develop more collaboration with CIEG based on a reciprocal and trustful relationship.