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China International Energy Group is awarded as 2016 top 500 Global New Energy Companies

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On 7th of December 2016 China Energy Newspaper, Wuhan Future Science & Technology City Construction Management Office, Wuhan New Energy Research Institute and International Clean Energy Forum cohost the 2016 Top 500 Global New Energy Companies Conference—New Energy Development Summit Forum in Wuhan. Leaders from National Energy Administration, provincial and municipal government, professionals, and business leaders attended the conference.
China International Energy Group is awarded as the 55th of top 500 Global New Energy Companies in 2016.
CIEG is constantly practicing and innovating in the new energy field, with the endeavors of R&D professionals and high-efficient management team, the company gained satisfactory results in methanol gas, energy contract management, wind power generation, solar power generation and etc.
The purpose of promoting the use of methanol gas is to adjust the traditional energy structure and increase the development to circular economy. The methanol gas product is independently researched and developed by CIEG, the price of the methanol gas is 30% lower than traditional gas and meanwhile the emission of the methanol gas is only half as the traditional gas. In recent years, CIEG has been planning to build methanol gas station in all over the country. By 2020, the methanol gasoline station is expected to reach 2000, and the total production will reach 20 million tons.
CIEG’s energy contract management provides systematic low carbon resolution for customers crossing various industries. Through a serious of updating and reformation to the thermal power plant, we can save 4.9 grams of coal per 1 kilowatt hour for our client, which makes us standing out from the global competitors.  
In the field of wind power generation, GIEG and its joint venture companies are planning to build a total installed capacity of 1 million kilowatts of wind power projects in the northeast, with a phase of 200 thousand KW wind power generation, and the follow-up 800 thousand KW is under approval. Meanwhile, The CIEG is actively participating in the two phase of the construction of the 10 million kW wind power base in the west of China, and has planned a 5 million KW installed wind power project, which is currently being carried out with the relevant departments.
CIEG and its strategic partners jointed together to develop photovoltaic projects, including photovoltaic power generation system, photovoltaic independent power supply system, solar cell components, such as R & D, production and sales.  We have more than 45 main business core technologies and successfully established a national independent photovoltaic laboratory.
We will be adhering to the enterprise core value “CIEG utilizes kindness and wisdom to create new world energy structure”, and continue to increase investment in research in the field of new energy technology, enhance the level of cost control at the same time, expand the new energy output scale, in order to solve the sustainable development of society and economy.