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Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress Jiang Zhenghua met with Chairman Wu Guodi

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On 6th January 2017, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress Jiang Zhenghua met with Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of China International Group and Chairman of World China General Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Wu Guodi in Beijing.
Chairman Wu introduced that CIEG cooperates with CAS Holdings and planning to build the technology city project all over the China. CAS Holdings has the newest information technology and high-end manufacture facility as the leading technological company. The technology city project combines the advanced technology of CAS Holdings and the excellent resources of GIEG, following the five in one overall layout. The purpose of establishing this project is to preserve ecological environment, cultivate high-tech enterprise leading market structure and absorb outstanding enterprises for the government. With the spread of air pollution, the technology city is playing a more and more significant role in curb environmental pollution. CIEG is planning to build technology city in the surrounding areas of Beijing and Zhejiang province. In the near future, we will apply the technology city project in Shanghai and other cities. Our purpose is to help start-up company, SMEs and listed company to accomplish rapid development and to exert the headquarters base effect. Besides the economic consideration, we can also reduce the presence of toxic particles via the use of advanced technology and make our contribution of creating an eco-friendly city life.
Vice Chairman Jiang said it is the duty of the government to control air pollution, and we need more capable and responsible enterprises like CIEG to share the duty. I believe the construction of technology city can reduce city emission and enhance the energy utilization rate and improve the air quality eventually.