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Chairman Wu met with the Indonesian Ambassador to China Your Excellency Soegeng Rahaidjo

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On 2nd of August 2017, Mr. Wu Guodi (Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of China International Energy Group and Chairman of World China General Chamber of Commerce and Industry) met with the Indonesian Ambassador to China Your Excellency Soegeng Rahaidjo in Beijing.
Chairman Wu expressed, “Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country, with exquisite scenery, abundant natural resources and large population, its territory stretch across Asia and Oceania. The friendship between China and Indonesia has a long tradition. One of the good examples of our deepening friendship and collaboration is the high speed railway, which connects Jakarta and Bandung, is entirely built by adopting Chinese technologies, standards and facilities. Over the years, CIEG accumulated many successful experiences in the eco-city construction domain, our target is to promote ecological civilization and cultivate a sustainable market structure led by new high-tech enterprises. We think highly of the market potential of Indonesia, we hope to enhance communication with local Indonesian enterprises. We believe that the cooperation with those competent companies to build eco-city projects together will boost the economic development in local area. ”
Ambassador Rahaidjo said, “As the member of ASEAN and G20 countries, Indonesia has been actively making the plan to tackle of world economic crisis and formulating the global economic governance mechanism.  China is the world’s second largest economy and the main engine of world economic development, the world is expecting China to bring up with more Chinese solutions to increase the pace of global economic recovery. Indonesia is a beautiful country with moderate weather, which makes it an ideal location to develop eco-city projects. We welcome CIEG to investigate our market and exploit the eco-city projects in our country that can provide the citizens a more technological and eco-friendly living environment. ”